Super activated carbon

ZS-12 type high sulfur capacity active iron oxide desulfurizer

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The desulfurizing agent is made of active Fe2O3, M2O and the like. Then, add with various auxiliary agents.

This product is a new type of highly efficient desulfurizer with high adaptability, which can work under the conditions of normal pressure or pressurized dry gas. The product has the characteristics of simple equipment, convenient operation, large sulfur capacity, high purification, non-pulverized blisters, and strong adaptability. It is widely used in the removal of H2S from natural gas, coal gas, coke oven gas and other gases, and it also has a certain removal effect on organic sulfur. It is a high-quality product in the domestic market. In addition, the company can also develop and produce special index desulfurizers according to the actual requirements of customers.


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