Super activated carbon

Petroleum coke super activated carbon

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This product uses high-quality petroleum coke as raw material and is refined by special technology. The specific surface area of product is more than 3500m2/g, the iodine adsorption value is more than 2800mg/g and the methylene blue decolorization is more than 690mg/g (46mL/0.1g). This product is newly developed by our company's scientific and technical personnel, and all technical indexes are at the advanced level. This product is widely used to make super-capacitors with extra-large capacity and small volume. And according to the nature of the dielectric, the average pore diameter of the activated carbon can be changed to suit different dielectrics. It is also widely used in catalyst support and some special adsorption fields.

Our company has strong technology, including several activated carbon experts, drafters of national standards of activated carbon and professional doctors and professors, and can provide customers with high-quality on-site and after-sales technical services to achieve the best use of products.

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