Gas phase adsorption series of activated carbon

ZS-08 type sulfur-loaded mercury removal special activated carbon

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This product uses high-quality activated carbon as the base carbon and is made into sulfur-loaded activated carbon through a special process.

This product is widely used in natural gas and other waste gas containing mercury [Hg]. It is also particularly suitable for the treatment of low-concentration mercury-containing gases that cannot be removed by other methods, making it meet or fall below national emission standards. In addition, special indicators of activated carbon can be developed according to the actual requirements of customers.

This product is independently developed by our company's technical researchers after years of hard work and has exclusive patented products with relevant intellectual property rights. After the product is used in mercury-containing gas demercuration devices such as natural gas/gas at home and abroad, the mercury removal efficiency and various indexes have reached the domestic leading and world advanced levels.


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