Mercury removal adsorbent

ZS-08 type flue gas demercuration adsorbent

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This product uses biomass coke and other adsorbent materials as the base material, and is modified by ammonium halide and bromine in the special equipment and process invented by our company. The product has the characteristics of high mercury removal efficiency and large mercury adsorption capacity.

This product is widely used in the mercury removal of flue gas from coal-fired power plant boilers, industrial boilers, cement kilns, waste incinerators, non-ferrous smelting furnaces, and sintering machines. It is also particularly suitable for the treatment of low-concentration mercury-containing gases that cannot be removed by other methods, making it meet or fall below national emission standards. In addition, special indicators of activated carbon can be developed according to the actual requirements of customers.

This product is a high-tech product independently researched and developed by domestic and foreign scientific research institutes and our company's technical researchers after years of industry-university-research cooperation. After the product is used in mercury-containing gas removal devices such as flue gas from coal-fired power plants at home and abroad, the mercury removal efficiency and various indexes have reached advanced levels. This technology is of great significance to protect China's ecological environment and human health, improve China's mercury pollution control technology level, and develop efficient, low-consumption, and economical mercury removal products.