Liquid adsorption series of activated carbon

ZS-18 activated carbon for gold extraction

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Gold extraction series of activated carbon, using high-quality coconut shell as raw materials, using a special activation process and refined by wind selection, particle blowing and other post-processing. The product has high strength, uniform particle size and developed microporous structure. It has strong selective adsorption of gold cyanide complex, is easy to analyze, and can be regenerated multiple times and used repeatedly. It has special adsorption properties for precious metals and is used for the separation and extraction of precious metals. For example, in gold smelting, especially the carbon slurry method, the heap leaching method has excellent results and can also be used for water quality and air purification. For example, the product has an excellent effect on the gold extraction process by the heap leaching method in the gold smelting process. In addition, it can also be used for water quality and air purification.

Special indexes can also be developed and produced according to the actual requirements of customer.