Gas phase adsorption series of activated carbon

ZS-16 type high sulfur capacity desulfurizer

Author: Zhengsen Environmental  |   Hits: 1930


ZS-16 type high sulfur capacity desulfurizer uses high-quality activated carbon with high strength and developed pores (especially mesopores) as the carrier. The specific surface area of the product is above 1100m2/g, and it supports a variety of active components and co-catalysts, which greatly improves the desulfurization effect. In addition, the sulfur capacity of product for one-way operation is 20-50 wt%.

This product is widely used in the removal of hydrogen sulfide from industrial gases such as coal gas, natural gas, synthesis gas, shift gas, refinery dry gas, liquefied gas, gasoline, propylene, biogas, food-grade CO2 and exhaust gas.