Gas phase adsorption series of activated carbon

ZS-23 activated carbon for tobacco

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This product uses natural high-quality coconut shells as raw materials and is refined by high-tech pure physical methods. The product is amorphous particles, with the characteristics of aseptic, non-toxic, tasteless, strong adsorption, large specific surface, low ash content, and high mechanical strength.

This product has a good adsorption function, which can not only remove harmful components in cigarettes and block tar, but also improve the taste of cigarettes, make the smoke more delicate and softer, remove spicy odor and improve the inherent quality of cigarettes. In addition, it can reduce the toxicity of tobacco and make up for the deficiency of ordinary filters.

Our company has strong technology, including several activated carbon experts, drafters of national standards of activated carbon and professional doctors and professors, and can provide customers with high-quality on-site and after-sales technical services to achieve the best use of products.