Gas phase adsorption series of activated carbon

ZS--02 PSA specific activated carbon for CO2 adsorption

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ZS-02 Activated carbon for PSA adsorption CO2 is specially used for gas separation and purification in pressure swing adsorption (PSA) equipment. This product has developed effective micropores, with a small proportion of medium and large pores, high mechanical strength, high apparent density and low ash content. It is suitable for PSA project's hydrogen production, shift gas decarbonization, CO2 recovery, etc. It is characterized by large gas separation coefficient, high product purity and long service life.

Special indexes can also be developed and produced according to the actual requirements of customers.

Our company has strong technology, including several activated carbon experts, drafters of national standards of activated carbon and professional doctors and professors, and can provide customers with high-quality on-site and after-sales technical services to achieve the best use of products.