Mercury removal adsorbent

ZS-08 type mercury removal adsorbent

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This product is produced on the basis of the company's production of ZS-08 type sulfur-loaded mercury-removing activated carbon and adopts leading production technology to further improve the adsorption capacity of this product for mercury [Hg].

ZS type sulfur-loaded mercury removal activated carbon is widely used in natural gas and other waste gas containing mercury [Hg]. It is also particularly suitable for the treatment of low-concentration mercury-containing gases that cannot be removed by other methods, making it meet or fall below national emission standards. In addition, special indicators of activated carbon can be developed according to the actual requirements of customers.

ZS type sulfur-loaded mercury-removing special activated carbon is independently developed by our company's technical researchers after years of hard work and has exclusive patented products with relevant intellectual property rights. After the product is used in mercury-containing gas demercuration devices such as natural gas/gas at home and abroad, the mercury removal efficiency and various indexes have reached the domestic leading and world advanced levels. The product has filled the domestic gap and made a significant contribution to the development and technological progress of China's activated carbon industry.


Solemnly Remind

ZS-08 type sulfur-loaded mercury-removing activated carbon and ZS-08 type mercury-removing adsorbent are patented products of Nanjing Zhengsen Environmental Protection Technology Co. Ltd, which have independent intellectual property rights. ZS is the abbreviation of our company's tradename "Zhengsen". Products are high-tech products in Jiangsu Province. The company presided over the drafting of the national industry standard for "sulfur-loaded mercury removal special activated carbon" and is the only domestic manufacturer of the above products.

With the expansion of the market and the continuous improvement of the brand's influence, some illegal manufacturers use ordinary inferior activated carbon to fake ZS-08 type sulfur-loaded mercury removal special activated carbon, which harms customers and causes huge losses to customers. (AC cannot remove mercury, need to be replaced again)

Our company is responsible for the majority of customers and we hereby remind the customers that please do not try to be cheap when ordering this product. Disputing after the fake purchase may cause you to lose more. You can contact our company directly and identify "Zhengsen" trademark, beware of being deceived!

Our company has strong technology, including several activated carbon experts, drafters of national standards of activated carbon and professional doctors and professors, and can provide customers with high-quality on-site and after-sales technical services to achieve the best use of products.